Yoga mean union, or to yoke and integrate the many aspects of the self. Largely it is the mind , body and spirit that a practitioner moves to create harmony between, and of course within each of those are elements to balance to acheive “Buddhi” bliss and happiness.

It is understood in Yoga, that unhappiness, disease and suffering occur in the gap between 1.Where a person is at, and 2.Their highest potential. It therefore aims to move individuals toward their highest, yoking and integrating the many aspects of that being into a gapless whole.

The main tools used by a yoga practitioner are the correct use of Asanas (physical excersises), Pranayama (Breathing excercises), Dharana (Contemplation), Dhyana (Meditation). These help achieve heightened states of awareness that allow an individual the ability to shed negative patterns and move toward self mastery and their highest potential.

Public and private yoga and meditation classes at Zuma Wholistic wellness centre as well as the Zuma Homestay Retreats are led by Lani Summers. Lani has been practicing yoga for over twenty years, and has been teaching for over twelve years. She has trained with many teachers of differing styles, beginning with an interest in Yoga therapy which forms the basis of her teaching flavour. She has taught students from all over the world from beginners to intermediate and even other yoga teachers. She specialises in cleansing and detox retreat programs and enjoys watching people transform.