Zuma Massage is designed to let your body unwind, let your stresses dissolve, let your breath slow down, let your mind quieten and your natural state of grace emerge. It is in this place of quiet grace that struggle, control and forced will, step aside and allow natural healing to occur.

Massage is the perfect partner to your regular chiropractic support, optimising the benefits of your chiropractic session by creating a receptive nervous system.

Massages are conducted by Lani and Roxanne. Lani holds a Diploma of Health, Yoga Teacher Training, a Certificate of Traditional Thai Massage and Reiki. Roxanne is a kinesiologist with a cert 4 in massage.

Treatments are offered as either 1/2 hour, 1 hour or 1 1/2 hour sessions to flexibly fit into your schedule.

Please be well hydrated prior to treatment, and continue to hydrate afterward to maximise the flushing affect in moving toxins from your system. It is best  to receive a massage on an empty stomach and to allow time before driving or rushing afterward, so please plan accordingly to enhance your experience.

Add Yoga to the combination, and you are assisting to integrate your mind, body and spirit into a balanced healthy whole.