What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a gentle and effective form of muscle testing used to balance the body back to it’s natural, healthy functioning state (homeostasis). Using specific muscle testing techniques enables a kinesiology practitioner to determine the influences weakening and strengthening an individuals body.

Kinesiology stems its origins from chiropractic, therefor Zuma Health and its team of practitioners consider the combination of these modalities to be highly complimentary.

Who should go to a Kinesiologist?

Anyone and everyone who wants a little more balance, strength and health can benefit from kinesiology.

Due to it’s gentle nature, kinesiology can be utilised by babies, children and adults of all ages, right through to the elderly.

Children suffering from symptoms such as hyperactivity, behavioural disorders, learning difficulties, allergies, insomnia and co-ordination issues often experience great results.

Adults find relief from stress, insomnia, pain management, weight issues, nutrition and fitness.

Older patience often seek resolve from diabetes, cholesterol and the symptoms of menopause to name a few.

Just about any dis-ease or symptom you could think of can be treated and benefitted by the gentle, non-invasive practice of kinesiology.

Roxanne one of Zuma’s Kinesiologists shares her story…

My first introduction to kinesiology was at age 20, through my chiropractor at the time Dr Krawel. He practiced applied kinesiology alongside his practice of chiropractic. His patients spoke highly and frequently of his outstanding results in their regaining strength and health. I became so interested in what it was and how it worked, that I decided to study it. As I am not a qualified chiropractor, I had to learn a different technique.

I moved from Victoria to the Gold Coast to study under a reknowned teacher. I loved my studies, yet I never fully understood the powerful healing potential of kinesiology until my own personal experience arose.

About nine months into my studies I went for a routine check up with my GP that resulted in beind diagnosed with stage one cervical cancer. I left shocked and full of questions trying to understand why cancer, why me, how?

In the specialists office, I was told I would have to undergo a proceedure to burn all the cancer cell. I was only 21, and did not like what I was hearing. I asked what the alternatives were. I was told we could wait 3 months to retest and measure the rate of progression. I used this 3 month window to take my problem to my teacher and use my kinesiology tools to help myself. We worked on balancing and strengthening my cervix, and see what my body was missing. At the end of the three month period I was retested, only the results showed “No sign of abnormal cells present”.

I was thrilled and amazed, and deepened into my convictions of how amazing the human body is and what an amazing tool kinesiology is.   Ask the body what it wants, give it what it needs and it will do the rest.